Pixel phones may gain this new feature with an Android 12 update


February 16, 2021

Big Tech Update

New iPhone 13 leak details these new features

The latest leak regarding the iPhone 13 is one you might want to know about. For the first time since the iPhone 13 rumors started swirling, details regarding some specific new features that are anticipated have finally been revealed. 

One of the new features for the latest Apple smartphone that’s in the works is an always-on display. This is a feature that has been a long time coming after experts and consumers both have called for the feature for quite some time. The new display will allow users to check notifications, the time, and the device’s battery level more quickly and easier than ever before. 

Another new feature that is rumored for some of the iPhone 13 models is a new matte finish that will allow for an easier grip of the phone. What other features are rumored for the new phone? Trust me, you’ll want to check it out. 

Image source: 9to5Mac

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Pixel phones may gain this new feature with an Android 12 update

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