PS5 restock update: GameStop, Best Buy and Newegg – when to buy PS5 next PS5 restock


Update: If you didn’t get the PS5 restock at Target this morning via our instant alert, then there’s another chance to buy the Sony console this week. Sony Direct will have the PS5 in stock tomorrow, June 17, and we’re also tacking an overdue Best Buy PS5 restock. Newegg has a PS5 bundle in a lottery too, however, there’s no GameStop PS5 restock in stores right now. We’ll explain.

How to know:
Our PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider will send you an alert when the Sony console is in stock – if you follow his account and turn on notifications. Yes, there’s a GameStop Xbox Series X restock in stores today, June 16, but the PS5 restock remains online-only, according to our retail contact. Our Walmart PS5 Disc restock tracker is also eying the retailer for PS5 Disc (it only had PS5 Digital at 3am EDT the other day) on Thursday afternoon at 3pm EDT.

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PS5 restock

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PS5 restock news for June 16: Sony Direct and Best Buy

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As of today, June 16, there hasn’t been a major PS5 restock in almost two weeks – we saw a Best Buy PS5 restock on a Thursday nearly two weeks ago. And beyond that, it’s been three weeks since the major last restock of Sony console.

Retailers are finally offering us good news. Sony Direct is confirmed to have the PS5 console in stock through its virtual queue on Thursday afternoon. It’ll be exclusive to (randomly selected) PSN users who got an email invite, but it always open up the Sony Direct virtual queue to everyone else a few hours later.

Best Buy recently loaded up a Ratchet & Clank PS5 bundle, a sign that it’s getting a console restock ready for this week – maybe Thursday, June 17, and Target could be an early morning PS5 restock on the same date. Walmart usually happens later in the afternoon if there’s a restock.

If there’s a Sony console to be had, our 24/7 PS5 restock Twitter will find it in stock – and it looks like this week is finally when there will be a PS5 restock at multiple stores in the US.


Sony Direct virtual queue date: Thursday June 17

  • Next Sony Direct PS5 restock date and time: Likely Thursday, June 17 at 5pm EDT
  • Last Sony Direct PS5 restock date and time: Thursday, May 20 at 5pm EDT
  • How to get it: Follow our PS5 restock Twitter account

The Sony Direct restock date in almost a month will happen on Thursday, June 17. So far it’s exclusive to people who got a special Sony Direct email invite, and that limited virtual queue will happen at 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT, according to the email seen by TechRadar. However, the Sony Direct virtual queue always opens up to the general public right afterward at 5pm EDT / 2pm PDT.


Best Buy PS5 restock date seems imminent

  • Last Best Buy restock date: Thursday, June 3 at 9:37am EDT

Best Buy is poised to have the next PS5 restock in the US, and we’re confident of this because it has recently loaded a new Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart PS5 bundle. You’re not required to buy a PS5 bundle at Best Buy like GameStop and Antonline – it’s an optional purchase (meaning Best Buy’s stock isn’t tied down to purchasing a game. It’s all the same inventory). But the fact that there’s a new SKU loaded onto the Best Buy site – of a game that just launched – is a very good sign.

While the Best Buy restock time has been all over the place in 2021 and we know the American electronics retailer often favors Thursday and Friday restocks.


Target PS5 restock just happened

The Target restock date finally happened after three weeks of the console being out of stock, but it went too quickly for a lot of people. It varied due to the fact that this particular store has inventory flowing through its local retail stores. It’s an online-only purchase with in-store pickup (and has that way been for all of 2021).

The Target PS5 restock date has been a mystery lately (always a Wednesday or Thursday, though), but the restock time remains firm: 7:40am EDT / 6:40am CDT / 5:40am MDT / 4:40am PDT. That’s a brutal time if you’re on the West coast of the US, however, since you’re shopping online and selecting a local store, it becomes a lot easier to buy a PS5 when everyone else in your town is asleep. 


GameStop PS5 restock update

  • GameStop restocked date: Possibly this week online along with Xbox in-store
  • Last GameStop restock date and time: Wednesday, May 26 at 2pm EDT

GameStop is preparing a ‘special event’ for this week with the Microsoft console available for in-store purchases for the first time in 2021. Sony PS5 consoles remain harder to get, so while those in-store purchases are going on, we expect GameStop to stick to offering PS5 bundles online, maybe sometime this week or next week.

PS5 restock GameStop

(Image credit: Twitter / Matt Swider)


Walmart PS5 restock: will it happen on Thursday?

  • Last small Walmart restocked date: Monday, June 14 and June 3 at 3:10am EDT
  • Last major Walmart restock date: Thursday, May 20 at 3:26pm EDT

Walmart PS5 restock dates often happen on Thursdays, however, the followers of the Matt Swider PS5 Twitter tracker account have been woken up by 3am restock opportunities the past two cycles. A few were lucky enough to buy the PS5 Digital console. We’re still keen on checking out Walmart at 3pm EDT (normal hours) every Thursday just in case Walmart follows its usual PS5 restock pattern.

We’ll send out a news alert on Thursday whether or not there will be a PS5 restock at Walmart (we often know one way or another ahead of time).

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Newegg raffles weekly PS5 bundles

  • Last Newegg restock date: Wednesday, June 9 at 11am EDT

Newegg occasionally offers PS5 bundles  with games and accessories, like Destruction All-Stars and MLB The Show. It’s always a lottery with the Newegg Shuffle, so you’re never guaranteed to get it, but you also don’t have to constantly try to add it to your cart. Newegg also has RTX GPU stock almost every day.


Antonline had a PS5 Digital restock – Disc is next

  • Last Antonline restock date: Tuesday, June 8 at 10:36am EDT

Antonline did have a PS5 Digital restock again on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, making it the only US retailer to have the Sony console in stock this week. The latter PS5 restock date, Wednesday, June 9, was a blip rather than a full restock.

Antonline is one of the better retailers to buy PS5 from – even if it’s not a household name. It ships fast, according to the thousands of Twitter tracker replies we’ve gotten showing a solid customer service experience. People have gotten the console in as little as two days. The company also doesn’t mess with the add-to-cart button, so when orders open up you have less than three minutes to check out. In other words, it’s the opposite of a PS5 Walmart restock (which ships slow and often yanks the console out of your cart quite randomly).


Amazon PS5 restock

Amazon has had a restock anywhere between 15 and 54 days, according to our PS5 restock tracker timeline. That means it can happen at any point and the date hasn’t had a pattern.

However, there is potentially good news as part of our research into the Amazon PS5 restock times. We’ve noticed that it shifts back and forth between morning and 3am EDT every month. The current restock cycle calls for a 3am EDT Amazon PS5 restock time, though we don’t know the date. It could be between now and Amazon Prime Day deals.


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