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These are the biggest pros and cons of the iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro seems to be relatively well-received by consumers so far, but what are the major pros and cons of the device?

One of the best pros that continues to surface is the iPhone 12 Pro’s camera. The camera is so good, many experts have even dubbed it a “game-changer.” The iPhone 12 Pro’s advanced camera set up provides users with an entirely new level of color and detail in their images. Couple that with the new raw image format capability and you really do have the best smartphone camera option on the market.

Perhaps the worst con associated with the iPhone 12 Pro is the lack of touch ID. This is especially frustrating in a pandemic that forces us to wear masks that cover our faces – making it impossible to use Face ID.

What are some of the other pros and cons to Apple’s flagship device?

Image source: Jacob Krol / CNN

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See your year in review with this latest TikTok feature

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