September 1 | Samsung’s latest phone has a whopping 7,000mAh battery


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Here are the details you need about Lenovo’s new flagship laptop series

Lenovo just announced a new flagship laptop series called the Yoga 9. There are several devices and options to choose from in the new lineup – each packed with cutting edge features and sleek designs.

One of the new laptops in the series is the Yoga 9i, which is a convertible laptop that is available in two sizes – 14 and 15 inch. There is also a slimmer, lighter and more compact version of the 9i called the IdeaPad Slim 9i. This particular model is not convertible, but it still has a lot of features in common with the larger 9i.

Some of those features include Tigerlake processors and Thunderbolt 4 connection standards that will increase transfer speeds. Both laptops also come with speakers built into the screen hinges and a rechargeable stylus. There is even an option to have the outside of your Yoga series laptop wrapped in leather.

What other features and specs does each laptop have? Is there anything else you need to know about Lenovo’s new flagship series?

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Image Source: Digital Trends

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