September 8 | What’s the best music streaming service of the year?


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What’s the best music streaming service of the year?

There are a ton of music streaming services out there to purchase, but which options are the best? To help you narrow down your choices, we have a list of the top music streaming services of the year.

The best option for iPhone users was hands down Apple Music, as it integrates seamlessly with your iPhone. The app not only combines your iTunes list with other music you want to stream, but don’t own, it also helps you find music you’ll want to hear based on your preferences and iTunes list. You can also use Siri to control what you play or how you search for music, creating an easy, hands-free streaming experience.

Tidal was named as the best audio quality option of the year. This streaming service not only provides superb audio quality, but it also provides a ton of video content and concert live streams, making this a well-rounded app with cutting edge features.

So, which streaming service topped the list as the overall best choice? Find out right here!

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