SpaceX paves the way for the first Starship launch of the year


January 06, 2021

Big Tech Update

SpaceX paves the way for the first Starship launch of the year

SpaceX is literally clearing the way for a new Starship launch in 2021 by finally clearing out the debris of the Starship S8 that crashed and exploded on impact after its launch in December 2020.  

Though the Starship 8 crashed when attempting a return landing, the big launch was still deemed a success due to the amount of data captured, the 7-minute flight time, and a successful flip on the way down that will hopefully help future flights return intact. 
A brand-new Starship 9 is ready to be launched as initial tests are underway before another big test flight takes place.

So, when is the SpaceX Starship expected to be back in action? It might be a lot sooner than you think.

The Starship S8
Image source: SpaceX / Ars Technica

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