Tech developments to be excited for in 2021


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The top 5 EVs you should be excited for in 2021

This year has been dubbed the rise of the EV because of the sudden advances in pushing electric vehicles into the mainstream market. And it’s even more impressive when you consider that it happened in the middle of a pandemic.

But 2021 looks like it could see even more explosive growth in the EV industry with the rise of even more electric vehicle manufacturers.

Thanks to recent developments, next year could be the year we finally get a viable all-electric truck. It’s something that Tesla started, but it looks like other companies could beat Musk to the punch. And not only passenger trucks but electric semis could become a reality within a year.

And we’re sure to see more electric sedans and coupes on our roads during 2021 as legacy automotive companies like Volvo, BMW, and Nissan ramp up production of their own EVs. And new companies like Rivian and Polestar are just adding to the availability of electric vehicles.
Overall, we can safely say that all-electric vehicles are no longer a niche trend. 

Soon enough, they’ll outnumber gas-powered cars and trucks.

The top 5 EVs you should be excited for in 2021
Image source: Rivian

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Tech developments to be excited for in 2021

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