The Apple iPhone 12 drop test results are in – what you need to know


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The Apple iPhone 12 drop test results are in – what you need to know

This is the first year in a while that Apple has dramatically overhauled the iPhone’s display glass. The iPhone 12 is equipped with a strong ceramic and glass combination for the display that has proven to be quite resilient. 

Apple’s iPhone 12 may have the toughest glass yet, as it performed well in several drop and wear tests. There were no noticeable marks on the screen after sliding it across tiles, and scrubbing it with sandpaper left only a minor mark. The iPhone 12 also excelled in the 3 foot drop, screen side down test. While the body suffered some damage, the screen was untouched. 
What else did the drop and wear tests reveal about Apple’s new iPhone 12 display? 

Image source: CNET / Chris Parker

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