The best indie games you may have missed this year


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Gear Review

The Galaxy S21 is getting S Pen suppor

tAn FCC listing confirms that Samsung’s S Pen stylus can be used with the company’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra phone. The discovery lends clarity to recent statements from Samsung mobile president TM Roh, who said that some of the “most well-loved features” of the Galaxy Note will be coming to other Samsung devices in 2021.

The FCC test report explicitly describes an EUT (Equipment Under Test) device that can be used with an S Pen in both hover and click modes.

The listing also confirms wireless power transfer (to charge things like the upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds), Wi-Fi 6E, and UWB on the yet to be announced Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Everything should become clear at the upcoming Samsung event in January.

Galaxy S21
Image source: Slash Gear

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The best indie games you may have missed this year

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