The Blue Origin rocket launch and space flight was a success

The Blue Origin rocket launch and space flight was a success

Jeff Bezos successfully traveled to space and back on Tuesday with three other people. Jeff’s brother Mark accompanied him on the journey, as well as 18-year-old Oliver Damien and aviation pioneer Wally Funk. Damien was offered the seat after the winner of Blue Origin’s auction backed out due to a scheduling conflict. Damien officially became the youngest person in space Tuesday, while Funk became the oldest person in space. 

The launch was flawless, with no issues reported during the rocket ride, separation of the capsule, or the return trip to Earth and touch down. Bezos and his crew experienced about three to four minutes of weightlessness as they went more than 350,000 feet above the Earth. 

Shortly after the weightlessness experience, the New Shepard capsule the team was in began its fall back to Earth. The landing was slowed by parachutes and cushioned by a blast of air before touching down in the desert. 

If you missed the historic flight yesterday, be sure to check out the replay here. 


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