The Death of the Internet?


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Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, self-driving cars and virtual reality. We’re at the dawn of a technological renaissance. But there’s a dirty little secret no one is talking about…
Our current internet can’t support these innovations. It can barely keep up as it is.
If your calls have ever suddenly dropped, your YouTube video just stopped playing or your text message couldn’t send, you’ve experienced the slow death of the internet firsthand as it grows more and more congested.
Enter a radical, new technology that could not only save the internet, but transform it completely.
The Hill confirms: “[Spectrum] promises to open the world for smart cities, driverless cars, improved health care and a fully-realized internet of things that will revolutionize entire industries.”
It’s no wonder the U.S. government just fast-tracked the deployment of this technology. And in this special presentation you’ll get all the details … including how you could ride this mega trend to HUGE gains.
Jessica Cohn
Editorial Director, Banyan Hill Publishing


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