These are all of the Xbox E3 announcements you need to know about

These are all of the Xbox E3 announcements you need to know about

Microsoft made a few bombshell announcements during the major E3 gaming conference over the weekend. 

Perhaps one of the most popular announcements was the reveal of Halo Infinite. Halo fans rejoiced as the long awaited next game in the series was unveiled during the virtual E3 conference. 

But it wasn’t just Halo that made waves during the event. In total, Microsoft announced 30 new titles that are set to be released over the coming year. Of those new games, 27 will be featured on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. 

Another popular reveal during the Xbox showcase was Forza Horizon 5, which is the latest installment of the popular racing game. Featuring brand new technology and life-like vehicles, the game is more life-like than it has ever been.

And perhaps the most bizarre announcement during the event was the reveal of the Xbox mini fridge. What started out as a joke that went viral through memes is now being brought to life by the company.

What other new Xbox games do fans have to look forward to? A highly anticipated Starfield release and dozens of others are on the way.

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