These are the best Android apps of the year


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These are the best Android apps of the year

Google’s Play Store is ranking the best Android apps of 2020. While some of the winners have been announced, there is still a User’s Choice Award up for grabs. Users can vote for their favorite in the Play Store, as well as view the apps already named best of the best by Google. 

The app named best overall for the year is the Loona: Bedtime Calm and Relax app. Google described the app as “beautifully designed and thoughtfully executed.” The app was praised for its use of 3D scenes and soothing soundscapes that are meant to calm you and lull you to sleep.

Genshin was named as the best Android game app of the year. Google described the app as a game that “blew us away with its sheer scale and ambition.”

What other Android apps made the list?

The Google Play Store app icon on a phone
Image source: Pocket-lint

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