These are the best software features that didn’t make the Apple keynote address

This less than 3 minute video highlights Apple's best new Health features

The tech industry is fresh off of Apple’s exciting WWDC event this month. And while a lot of fun upgrades and products were announced, Apple left us hanging on a few things. 

There are several noteworthy features of the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS that weren’t discussed during the keynote address, but deserve a closer look. A couple of those features involve FaceTime. 

While Apple spent a great deal of time during the conference on the updates to FaceTime, they failed to mention that the app will now let you zoom with your back camera so you can show something in the background without having to stand up and walk near it. Another new feature will alert users when they are muted but trying to talk. 

As far as key iOS updates that weren’t shared during the event, one of the most helpful is the Find My feature will be able to locate your iPhone even when it is offline. More emojis with accessibility options will be available and users can put off downloading iOS 15 if they decide to, but they’ll still be able to get critical security updates as needed. 

There are a slew of other new iOS features as well. What else do Apple fans have to look forward to and what iPadOS and macOS goodies are on the way as well?

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