These are the best tech products of the year


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These are the best tech products of the year

As 2020 draws to a close, we’re looking back on the best tech products of the year. So, which devices made the list? 

Apple had a heavy presence of course, with the iPhone 12 being named the best smartphone of the year and the Apple M1 taking home the coveted title of overall best tech device of the year. The M1 was chosen as the best of the best because experts believe the processor has the power to change and shape the future of technology like no other device on the market can.  

The Amazon Echo Fourth Generation was named the best smart home device of the year. The Echo was commended for its innovative spherical design, LED light ring, and overall functionality and quality.

What other types of tech devices made the list? Find out here!

Various tech devices Image source: Android Police

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Difference in speeds

As of today, one in 10 Americans has 5G access.By year’s end… almost 100% of the country will be 5G-capable.

Stocks have already shot up in anticipation of its arrival.

Extraordinary gains like 11,567%… 8,580%… 7,311%…The list goes on and on.
But the anticipation of 5G’s arrival pales with the impact it will have when it’s here.

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This is when Samsung will reveal its new Galaxy lineup

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