These new Samsung Galaxy devices are facing some major delays

These new Samsung Galaxy devices are facing some major delays

Samsung’s new Galaxy devices have proven to be popular with fans, as pre-orders for the company’s two latest products have shown strong sales numbers. 

And while customers continue buying the new devices, they may have to wait a bit longer for them than originally anticipated. According to recent reports, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Watch 4 are facing some major delays. 

This week, some customers who purchased one or both of the devices received emails from Samsung explaining their orders will be delayed due to “unforeseen delivery bottlenecks.” Because of this, the company warned that accessories for each device may actually be shipped and received before the actual devices. 

It is not yet known if the delay is facing only certain customers and regions, or how widespread the issue could be. 

What’s causing the delivery issue and when are affected customers expected to receive their devices? 

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