This is everything SpaceX achieved this year


Big Tech Update

16 of the latest iOS 14.3 features that you’ll use every day

Apple’s latest iOS release comes with 16 new features that you may find very useful. 

One of those features is the ability to make your own app icons. With the release of iOS 14.3, Apple updated its Shortcuts app, which now gives users the ability to fully customize the look of their iPhone. So, if you don’t like the standard logo for one of the apps you use, you can replace it with almost any photo you can think of. 

Another new feature that is for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max users only is the option to take raw photos. This now opens up a new world of editing possibilities since raw photos can be edited heavily without losing image quality.  What are the other 14 new iOS features you need to know about?

The latest iOS changes on three iPhone screens Image source: Patrick Holland / CNET

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