This is everything you can expect from Apple’s big event today


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History made: Ingenuity flies on Mars – this is how Mission Control reacts

NASA made history on Monday when its Mars helicopter Ingenuity officially took flight on the red planet for the first time. 

After several delays leading up to Monday, Ingenuity finally took flight in its first full test on Mars at about 3:30 am. The helicopter reached an altitude of 10 feet and was able to hover for approximately 30 seconds before touching down on the surface of the red planet. 

Ingenuity’s first full flight went off without a hitch and put NASA in the history books for successfully completing the first ever aircraft flight on another planet. The area of Mars where the flight took place will now be named Wright Brothers Field in honor of the famous brothers who were pioneers for flight on Earth that ultimately paved the way for space flight. 

What else do we know about the flight and how did Mission Control react when the flight was a success? Find out more here, including a video that was taken live from Mission Control during Ingenuity’s big debut.

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This is everything you can expect from Apple’s big event today

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