This is when the VW electric Microbus will hit the market


Mar 29, 2021

Big Tech Update

This is why Josh Martinez has WYNN on his hotlist (and just how high he thinks it might go)

I told you that Josh had something really special for us, and this is it. He’s always had a soft spot for our readers (because they make such awesome “students”) so he’s going to share one of the stocks that didn’t just make his watch list, but thanks to this new AI program, it made his hotlist.

Find out why it’s a solid buy no matter what, but why this secret prediction powered by artificial intelligence can tell you just how much higher it’s going to go.

Be sure to register below for his upcoming behind the scenes demo and be one of the first people to watch the magic unfold. Then, stick around for his big reveal of the other four stocks he’s betting on this week thanks to his new secret weapon with a 90.3% accuracy.

Forget the Apple iPhone 13 – this new smartphone is about to take over the market

Move over, Apple – there’s about to be a new smartphone sheriff in town. 

While most consumers are waiting patiently for the iPhone 13 to drop, some analysts are saying that the new Apple smartphone won’t be the best device to drop this year. That title is said to go to quite the surprising smartphone. 

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is set to hit the market soon, and experts say it is primed to change the smartphone industry forever. In addition to several new features, the Mi 11 Ultra will be the first ever smartphone to use silicon-oxygen anode batteries. 

This new technology allows for a thinner and lighter battery without compromising battery life. It also offers lightning fast charging. What other features will the new smartphone have and when can you expect to get your hands on one? 

Image source: Tech Buff PH

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On Wednesday, March 31st at 8pm ET, Josh Martinez will show you a brand-new way of predicting the price of stocks 7 days in advance on average.

After 904 backtested trades, this system showed a 90.3% accuracy ratio.

And when a small group of beta testers decided to try the initial version of this system, they were stunned by the results…

One man even made $12,000 in a single week utilizing this Artificial Intelligence system. 

Click here to RSVP and Josh will give you all the details in this free webinar this Wednesday, March 31st at 8pm ET.

Make sure your Apple devices are protected against this new threat

This is when the VW electric Microbus will hit the market

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