This is why the Galaxy S21 series is $200 cheaper


Digital Daily DownloadJanuary 23, 2021

Big Tech Update

This feature will make a comeback on the MacBook Pro

According to a recent report, Apple may finally bring back a feature that hasn’t been on the MacBook Pro in years. 

It’s rumored that the 2021 Apple MacBook Pro will feature an integrated SD card slot. If true, this would be the first time that a MacBook has included an SD card slot since 2016. It was then that Apple decided to nix all ports on MacBooks in favor of four universal USB-C ports.

The move created a headache for Apple users who had to use a special dongle to connect an external SD card slot to their Mac. Unfortunately, the upcoming new MackBook Air will not include an SD card slot. 

So, when will this long-awaited feature officially make its return with the new 2021 MacBook Pro?

An SD card slot on a MacBook
Image source: Oby Sessions /MacFormat Magazine /Getty Images

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This is why the Galaxy S21 series is $200 cheaper

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Tech Innovation Curve
The arrow in the image below shows where the cryptocurrency market is at this time…
Right on the cusp of mass acceptance by mainstream users.

But two unrelated events are about to make select cryptos household names… and… shower investors with untold fortunes.

Due to these events, more people will flock to cryptocurrencies than ever before and leave fiat money (like the dollar) in the dust.

In fact, Business Insider says, “As many as 36% of institutional investors in the US and Europe own crypto assets.”

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