This less than 3 minute video highlights Apple’s best new Health features

This less than 3 minute video highlights Apple's best new Health features

Apple has received a lot of attention lately after its big WWDC virtual conference. And while iPad, iPhone, Mac, FaceTime, and other major updates took center stage, some pretty big Apple Health upgrades have been lurking in the shadows with little fanfare. 

And even though the Apple Health updates haven’t received much press time, it doesn’t mean these upgrades aren’t worth talking about. Some of them are potentially groundbreaking for the health and wellness industry. 

Perhaps one of the most exciting updates is an improvement to the app’s fall detection feature. For the first time, users can now get alerts when their fall risk increases, helping them to know how to correct their gait or balance before a potential catastrophic fall occurs. 

Apple Health can now also help you better understand your lab results and data. Users will get detailed descriptions and explanations of exactly what their lab results mean and if they are in expected ranges.

What other new updates and upgrades does the app have in store for users? 

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