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January 26, 2021

Big Tech Update

Apple has a warning for iPhone 12 users with pacemakers

Apple just issued a warning for iPhone 12 users who have pacemakers and other critical medical devices.

According to a statement recently released by Apple, the company indicated that all four of the iPhone 12 devices contain magnets that could interfere with the proper operation of certain medical devices, including pacemakers. 

And while the warning focused on iPhone 12 models, it was noted that earlier iPhone models could also pose a risk. MagSafe accessories were also listed as potential hazards to pacemakers and other medical devices. 

So, what should you do if you use an iPhone and have a major medical device?

Image source: 9to5Mac 

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This new content was just added to Apple Fitness+

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The arrow in the image below shows where the cryptocurrency market is at this time…

Right on the cusp of mass acceptance by mainstream users.

But two unrelated events are about to make select cryptos household names… and… shower investors with untold fortunes.

Due to these events, more people will flock to cryptocurrencies than ever before and leave fiat money (like the dollar) in the dust.

In fact, Business Insider says, “As many as 36% of institutional investors in the US and Europe own crypto assets.”

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