This new USB-C power upgrade is mind-blowing


A new USB-C power option is on the way, and the charging power it will have is mind-blowing. 

The new USB-C will be able to accommodate up to 240 watts, which is more than double the maximum power of the 100 watts available now. The new power maximum will allow faster and more efficient charging for power-hungry devices like laptops, 4K monitors, printers, and more. 

Special cables will need to be designed to accommodate the hefty 240 watts, and devices will have to be equipped to support the new wattage. In other words, you can’t just grab a new 240 watt cable when it comes out and use the maximum 240 watts on just any device. 

So does this mean that you will have to wait quite some time for the new USB-C to be released since special cables and devices have to be designed to support the power upgrade? The current release projection and roll out plan may actually surprise you. 

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