This new video footage of the SpaceX Starship launch is mesmerizing


SpaceX recently completed a successful launch and landing of one of its Starship prototype rockets. And while video of that accomplishment is already mesmerizing, new footage released this week really takes it up a notch. 

In the new video, SpaceX’s Starship is seen blasting off and landing in slo-mo. Even the famed flip that is required for the rocket to successfully return to the ground for landing after launching is caught in slow motion. Never before seen details of the launch, flight, flip, descent, and landing are captured in the new footage. 

The video also shows the real-time launch, flip, and landing for comparison, making the slo-mo footage even more impressive. SpaceX’s starship is designed to take humans to Mars one day, and judging by the last launch, it appears the company is on the right track to do so. 

What does a massive rocket like the Starship look like when launching and landing in slo-mo? See Below

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