This video showcases the stunning new AR glasses by Snap


Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, just released new fully AR glasses and the technology is pretty incredible. 

The new glasses, referred to as Snap Spectacles, are the third version of AR glasses the company has released, but it is the first pair that is fully AR. When donning the glasses, users can see 3D effects that are displayed and intertwined with real world objects. 

Snap Spectacles are wireless and have hand tracking capabilities. Snap’s last pair of smart glasses with AR technology utilized a smartphone app to see the AR effects. The latest pair is the first time the company has released a version that showcases the AR effects right in the glasses lenses, as opposed to having to use another device to see the AR effects. 

The Spectacles have a touchpad on the side to allow for easy user control. They also have a pretty stout 26.3 inch field of view. Just how realistic are the new Snap Spectacles? Check out the video review to see the stunning new technology on display. 

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