This was the most downloaded mobile app during January


Digital Daily DownloadFebruary 09, 2021

Big Tech Update

10 million Android devices were just infected due to this app’s new update

A cybersecurity company called Malwarebytes just revealed that a barcode scanning app has potentially infected 10 million Android devices due to a recent update. 

The Barcode Scanner app has been downloaded 10 million times – leaving millions of users vulnerable to malicious adware and malware that was introduced to their devices due to the app’s latest update. It appears the update was first issued on December 4, 2020. Millions of Android users have since complained about the adware and malware that have taken over their devices. What’s disheartening is it appears that the app didn’t fall victim to a hacking scam or other security risk. The new update included malicious code that was intentionally added since the last version of the app. 

In addition to that, it appears the developers of the app went through great lengths to intentionally avoid the new code being detected by anyone. Though Google has removed Barcode Scanner from the Play Store, the risky app could still be installed on millions of Android devices. What else do we know about the Barcode Scanner security risk and what should you do if you have it on your phone or device?

A depiction of the barcode scanning app that infected millions of Android devices
Image source: Slash Gear

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This was the most downloaded mobile app during January

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