Video: Did the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 just leak?

Video: Did the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 just leak?

We may have our first real look at the Microsoft Surface Duo 2, as new images that leaked online are reportedly of the upcoming new device. 

At first glance, the device looks like the original Surface Duo, but you can quickly spot a new camera set up on the back of the device. The three cameras are housed in a very noticeable and bulky camera bump, which is very different from the first version of the Surface Duo. 

The source that leaked the photos has a very good reputation for being right when they reveal new images and details about upcoming devices. According to the source, the Surface Duo 2 will have ultra wide angle, telephoto, and standard lens cameras. 

It also appears the Surface Duo will have frosted glass on the outside of the device and will be available in black and white only. The fingerprint sensor has also been removed and is reportedly part of the power button now. 

What else do we know about the highly anticipated device and what does it look like so far? 

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