Video shows NASA’s Mars helicopter in trouble during its sixth flight


NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter recently embarked on its sixth flight on the red planet, but the helicopter ran into an issue that nearly made it crash.

Engineers described the issue as an “anomaly.” It is the first time the helicopter has experienced anything out of the ordinary while operating on Mars. During the flight, an image processing error resulted in a tense few moments toward the end of the flight. 

The error ended up causing a timing problem with images the helicopter received during flight, so Ingenuity had incorrect information about where it was flying. This created extra motion during the flight, nearly resulting in a crash during the final 65 meters of the 215 meter journey. 

Just how out of sync and choppy was Ingenuity’s last flight because of the error? NASA’s video footage shows the tense moments the helicopter nearly crashed into the surface of Mars.

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