Video: You’ll want to check out this overview of everything new in iOS 14.7

Video: You'll want to check out this overview of everything new in iOS 14.7

Apple’s iOS 14.7 update is officially here, and with it comes several new features you’ll need to know about. 

For starters, iOS 14.7 has the support needed to use the new MagSafe battery pack that dropped recently. Consumers can’t use the battery pack on their iPhone without the iOS 14.7 update. So if you’re looking to take advantage of this new accessory, it’s time to download and install 14.7. The new update also allows you to view the charge level of the battery pack on your home screen. 

The latest iOS update also gives users more flexibility with their Apple card account, as it now allows you to merge two Apple card accounts into one. When merging the two cards, the lower APR of the two cards will be used for the joint account. 

Users will also have more HomePod flexibility through the new update. Times can now be set on your HomePod via your iPhone and you can even check in on the timer on your phone to get a live countdown. 

What else is new with iOS 14.7? 

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