Virgin Galactic is ready to send Richard Branson to space this weekend

    Virgin Galactic is ready to send Richard Branson to space this weekend

    It appears that Richard Branson will indeed beat rival Jeff Bezos to space, as Virgin Galactic is preparing to launch Branson into space this Sunday. 

    While riding aboard the VSS Unity, Branson, two pilots, and three other passengers will blast past the Earth’s stratosphere and to the edge of space bright and early Sunday morning. The mission is scheduled to launch at 6 am PT / 9 am ET from the Mojave desert. 

    From take off to landing, the flight to space and back will take about 90 minutes. Branson and crew will reach a height of 90 kilometers during the flight, which will allow them to experience microgravity and weightlessness. 

    The flight will start with the WhiteKnightTwo plane carrying Branson and his team above the clouds, then the VSS Unity rocket engine will ignite to take them the rest of the way to space. 

    There are a lot of ways you can keep up with all of the details surrounding the flight before Branson’s big take off. 

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