Virgin Galactic releases stunning video footage of latest spaceflight


On Saturday, Virgin Galactic completed a successful spaceflight for the first time in more than two years. The company accomplished the feat with the VSS Unity spacecraft. 

During the test, the VSS Unity was carried to an altitude of 44,000 feet. The spacecraft took off from New Mexico, making it the first time the state has launched a spacecraft, while also becoming only the third state to launch humans into space. 

VSS Unity was carried by Virgin Galactic’s aircraft Eve, then released as Unity’s rocket engaged, launching the spacecraft to approximately 55 miles in altitude. Unity reached Mach 3 during the test flight that was described as “picture perfect” by Virgin Galactic’s CEO. 

The test was a major step toward space tourism that the company is striving for. Virgin Galactic has already sold about 600 reservations for the first civilian trips to space. Currently, a trip aboard one of Virgin Galactic’s spacecrafts will set you back about $250,000. 

What did the successful VSS Unity spaceflight look like? Be sure to check out the video for some pretty incredible footage. 

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