What can you expect from a possible March Apple event or new release?


March 08, 2021Big Tech Update
What can you expect from a possible March Apple event or new release?

A March Apple event has been rumored for quite some time, but since we are well into the month of March and we don’t have any definitive details yet, will there be an event at all?  

Rumors began to heat up in January about a big Apple event that would take place in March. February reports only strengthened those rumors. But Apple has yet to confirm details about any big event taking place this month. Even still, some tech experts believe there is a new event, or at least a big release or two, on the horizon that will announce the release of several new products. 

If a big announcement or full-blown event is in the works, rumors suggest that an updated iPad Pro could be the main focus. Though the design is said to be relatively unchanged, the new iPad Pro should have a new backlight system and a new camera setup. What else do we know about a possible Apple event or big release and what other new devices are rumored?

Image source: Apple Insider

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