What happens when you wash, drop, or freeze Apple AirTags?


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Apple AirTags are a great way to track easily lost or valuable items, but how resilient are the small tags? Tech experts recently put the AirTags through the paces, and we have the results. 

As part of the torture test, the AirTags were washed, dropped, and even frozen. As it turns out, the tags are pretty durable. Though they are technically not waterproof, they are water and dust resistant. But when the AirTag was sent through a nearly one hour wash cycle in a washing machine, it worked perfectly after it dried. This is great news for people who tend to leave things in their pockets before doing laundry. 

The AirTags also passed a rigorous drop test with flying colors. Apart from a few cosmetic scratches, the device still worked great after being dropped multiple times on pavement from varying heights.

It sounds like the AirTags are pretty resilient. But what happened when experts froze them?

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