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February 23, 2021

Big Tech Update

T-Mobile just brought back a truly unlimited data plan – here are all of the detail

In a move that hasn’t been touched by other mobile carriers in years, T-Mobile just announced that it is bringing back a truly unlimited data plan.

T-Mobile claims they will not throttle back speeds and data with the new plan, and revealed that the plan even supports 4K streaming. The new plan is called Magenta Max, and it is designed for 5G coverage so users can take advantage of the new technology without having to worry about overages or their data and speeds being slowed if they surpass data limits.
The company claims it has the highest-capacity 5G network available and also offers unlimited 4K UHD video streaming, as opposed to the usual unlimited 1080p at best that other carriers offer. The new plan will be available on Wednesday, February 24. But how much will a truly unlimited 5G service and 4K streaming plan cost you?

The T-Mobile logo
Image source: Alex Castro / The Verge

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WhatsApp will shut down messages for users who do not accept the new privacy policy soon
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