Why did the NYPD suddenly stop using the Boston Dynamics’ robodog?


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When Boston Dynamics released a robot dog that it calls Spot, it had big plans for the robot to assist in medical, law enforcement, construction and other settings, helping to make jobs and life a little easier. 

Testing that theory out, the New York Police Department (NYPD) decided to lease one of the high tech robodogs from Boston Dynamics and try it out as one of the newest members of its police force. The NYPD signed a lease that would allow the department to trial the robodog through August of this year. 

The NYPD nicknamed the robot Digidog, but shortly after deploying the robot, the police department faced intense backlash from citizens and politicians. What created an uproar so bad that the NYPD decided to cancel a $94,000 lease and cease using the robot dog immediately?

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