Why did the SpaceX Starship crash and explode?


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Why did the SpaceX Starship crash and explode?

SpaceX conducted a high altitude test flight with its SN8 Starship prototype rocket on Wednesday. While the rocket launched without a hitch, the flight ended in an explosion. 

The test flight took place at 1:45 pm PT on the Texas Gulf Coast. Though one of the rocket’s three engines stopped firing about two minutes into the flight, the rocket still managed to reach an altitude of 12.5 kilometers, or approximately 8 miles.  

After four minutes into the flight, the other engines shut down as planned, and the rocket began to free fall back toward the ground. Thrusters and flaps were used to maneuver the rocket to a precise landing location, with the intent of keeping the Starship intact upon landing. The rocket didn’t slow down enough and the Starship ended up being destroyed in an explosion. What did Elon Musk have to say about the explosion? Was the rest of the launch deemed a success?

An image of the Starship explosion
Image source: ABC News / AFP via Getty Images

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