Why is the Matter Alliance so important to the technology industry?

Why is the Matter Alliance so important to the technology industry?

In a surprising tech industry twist, tech giants Apple, Google, and Amazon are officially working together. Thanks to the Matter Alliance, these companies have put aside competition in order to better align technology with your everyday needs. 

The goal of the alliance is for the three companies to develop products that work seamlessly together in order to create the best customer experience possible. So in other words, Alexa and Siri might soon become best buds in a bid to make your life a little easier. 

One of the reasons the alliance is so important is that it can help make the dream of true smarthomes a reality. If Google, Amazon, and Apple devices of the future work together flawlessly, it opens up endless possibilities for the things that can be accomplished by pairing that powerful technology together. 

What else do we know about this alliance and why else does it matter for you as a consumer? 

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