Why is United Airlines buying 15 high tech supersonic aircraft?

Why is United Airlines buying 15 high tech supersonic aircraft?
Why is United Airlines buying 15 high tech supersonic aircraft?

United Airlines is ready to change the way we travel by using supersonic aircraft. The company has agreed to buy 15 high tech supersonic jets from a company called Boom Sonic in order to roll out its new supersonic travel plan. 

If initial tests go well, United Airlines says it could increase its order to 50 planes instead of 15. The company believes that supersonic aircraft are the future of the airline industry, as the high tech planes can drastically cut travel times and potentially increase flight availability. 

The supersonic jets can cut a 7 hour flight from New York to London in half to just 3.5 hours. A 15 hour trip from Los Angeles to Sydney could be reduced to 6 hours and 45 minutes. 

And while that is all well and good, there is one catch. The company that United Airlines is buying the supersonic planes from has never actually built or flown a full-scale supersonic jet before. 

So what makes the company qualified to do so and why is United Airlines so confident in Boom Sonic that they are willing to enter into a purchase agreement? And when are the new supersonic jets expected to be available for commercial flights? 

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  1. It’s kind of stupid if you ask me. With all oil and gas being shut down in America, where are they going to get their jet fuel? Imported? Price is going to be astronomical. Flight prices will be out of sight. People are not at work yet. Biden is in the process of stealing your IRA and 401K money and freezing and emptying your bank accounts. How are we to pay for flights anyway? What a freakin waste of money. The owners and CEO’s are stupid idiots who do not know how to think. Probably taking orders from China and Joe Biden.


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