Why were there so many 503 errors across the web Tuesday?

Why were there so many 503 errors across the web Tuesday?

The internet literally broke on Tuesday, as multiple major websites went offline and were inaccessible at the same time. 

Users reported a slew of 503 errors when surfing the web on Tuesday morning. Major sites such as Amazon, Reddit, Spotify, Pinterest, Twitch, and Ebay were all affected, among several others. 

This outage left people in the dark, as they were unable to access those sites and several media outlets at all, meaning key services and news updates were completely unavailable. While the outage was inconvenient, it was fixed rather quickly in about an hour. 

So why did so many websites have major issues at the exact same time? A little-known cloud computing service called Fastly had a major outage, and as it turns out, a ton of websites rely on that service to operate. 

But how did such a major outage occur? Fastly is actually blaming one of their customers for the entire debacle.

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