Will 5G technology ever catch on?


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Will 5G technology ever catch on?

Another year has almost come and gone and 5G technology still hasn’t seemed to quite catch on with consumers. 

Many business and technology experts expected 2020 to be the breakout year for 5G, but instead, it was more of a flop. Part of the disconnect seems to be with educating consumers on what 5G really is and how it will benefit them and make their lives easier. Aside from somewhat improved data speeds that result in higher cell phone bills, not much is known about what exactly 5G can do and why we supposedly need it.   

Additionally, most 5G networks still aren’t quite up to par. Some consumers are complaining about minimal speed increases, at least not enough of an increase to justify the cost they are paying. A few other issues with quality and connectivity are also starting to arise. But what else is holding 5G back?

Will the new technology ever catch on with consumers?

Depiction of a 5G network in a city
Image source: PCMag

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