Will NASA’s Perseverance rover help establish a human colony on Mars?

Will NASA's Perseverance rover help establish a human colony on Mars?

While NASA’s Perseverance rover has been tasked with several missions, such as exploring the surface of Mars, assisting the Mars helicopter, and finding signs of water or previous life on Mars, one of its missions is quite interesting and a bit unexpected. 

As it turns out, all of the work Perseverance is doing on the red planet is setting the groundwork needed to potentially establish a human colony on Mars. Scientists believe there was once a series of rivers and lakes on Mars, thanks in part to recent photos and video footage from Perseverance. NASA has since assigned Perseverance the task of exploring what is thought to be old lake and river beds to confirm. 

If water was once on Mars, Scientists say this proves that the planet can support and sustain life, even human life. As the space race continues to heat up, NASA and its scientists are eyeing the red planet as a potential site for a human colony in space. 

What other interesting things is Perseverance uncovering and how else will the high tech rover contribute to the human race potentially colonizing Mars?

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