Will several new Apple iPad sizes make their debut soon?

Will several new Apple iPad sizes make their debut soon?

Apple has a few new iPads on the way, and if rumors hold true, the popular device will be available in a few new sizes. 

Reports indicated that a brand new iPad Mini is in the works and will feature an overhauled design and new size. If this is true, it will be the first time since 2019 that Apple has refreshed the Mini. The new Mini is said to take its design from the iPad Air, as it will do away with the large top and bottom bezels and will have a more sleek screen design. 

It is also rumored that the new iPad Mini will not have a Home button, which has been reported by several sources so far. Perhaps the most interesting design change is the Mini’s size. With the large bezel gone, Apple can fit a larger screen on the device, as rumors suggest the new Mini will be between 8.9 and 9 inches in size. 

In addition to revamping the Mini, Apple is also working on larger iPads. The company has reportedly hired a special team to research, design, and test the larger devices. 

What else do we know about the new iPads in the works and when can you expect to get your hands on one? 

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