Windows 11 is officially here and we have video of all the major features

Windows 11 is officially here and we have video of all the major features

After a lot of rumors and much anticipation, Windows 11 is finally official. Microsoft unveiled the new operating system on Thursday. So, what are all the major new features you have to look forward to? 

To start with, the user interface was completely redesigned and revamped. Windows 11 has a more modern and cleaner look and feel. Many are saying Microsoft took a page from Apple’s book and made it look more like macOS. 

Widgets were also added to the new operating system, allowing users to add notifications for weather, news, and more. This allows you to have the latest news and updates you prefer, right at your fingertips, as a way for you to customize your Windows 11 experience. 

As rumored, Windows 11 seems to mirror Windows 10X quite a bit. Many of the early leaks of what Windows 11 would look like and would include were confirmed in Microsoft’s big reveal. One of the heavily rumored features that was confirmed on Thursday was that Android apps will be incorporated in Windows 11. 

But what other features and updates will Windows 11 have? You can check them all out in this video walkthrough of the new operating system. 

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