Yes, you can make a film on your iPhone. Apple’s new video shows you how

Yes, you can make a film on your iPhone. Apple's new video shows you how

Apple has released a new video series that is becoming quite popular with iPhone users. The series is called Shot on iPhone and it showcases various photos and videos that were exclusively taken by iPhones. 

Perhaps the most well-liked part of the series is that it teaches iPhone users how to recreate some of the videos and images themselves by revealing little known tips and tricks. In the latest video of the series, Apple shares some pretty impressive filmmaking tips for the iPhone 12. 

One of the highlights shows users how to properly use the wide angle camera to create dramatic shots using various angles for different perspectives. The video also teaches a variety of lighting techniques that will help you take your iPhone film to an entirely new level. 

Even more impressive, users can learn a fun DIY simple “crane” style camera shot by recording while dropping the iPhone onto a soft surface while using a few other props for effects. 

So, how do you master these techniques for yourself? Check out the video to find out! 

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