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Latest SpaceX launch is successful as astronauts make way to ISS

SpaceX completed another successful manned rocket launch on Sunday evening. A total of four astronauts blasted from Cape Canaveral, Florida atop the infamous Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket. 

The launch wasn’t without any hiccups. Early Sunday evening, an issue with the Dragon Crew-1 capsule was discovered that sparked fears of the launch being scrubbed. There were concerns about the inner seal of the capsule’s hatch not sealing properly. After some quick work and a brief delay, the hatch was repaired in time for the launch. 

At 7:27 pm, the rocket officially launched and began making its way to space without any issues. The astronauts are traveling to the International Space Station, where they will dock approximately 27 hours after their launch time on Sunday.

What’s next on the agenda for the four astronauts?
A night photo of Sunday’s SpaceX launch from Florida
Image source: CNN

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