Your Smartphone is Worthless


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Take a look at your smartphone.

Statistics say it’s likely within arms’ reach—or in your hand right now.

I’ll bet you paid at least $200 or $300 for it.

Maybe you have the top of the line, $1,000 phone.

Either way, I have some bad news.

Your smartphone is worthless.

And it will need to be replaced this year by the device in that box – this year.

In fact, I expect over 266 million Americans will buy a brand-new device… powered by 5G.

Taking this breakthrough technology from 0 to $100 billion in a matter of months.

My name is Jeff Brown.

I’m a Silicon Valley executive and angel investor.

I’ve put my money into 111 tech startups – everything from self-driving cars to artificial intelligence and robotics.

And I’ve personally profited on 95.3% of them.

But, nothing is going to take the stock market by storm like the new 5G device I just revealed to the public for the first time.

I think it could be 190 times bigger than the iPhone launch, based on sales revenue.In fact, the company behind this device is my Number One tech stock for 2019.

To find out more, take a look at this video.


Jeff Brown
Editor, The Near Future Report

Just three years ago, in a similar presentation, I predicted Nvidia would be the number one tech stock of that year.

And I was right.

Investors had a chance to make 10 times their money on Nvidia.

Now, I believe this 5G device will power the Number One tech stock of 2019.

Click on this link to learn more.


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